Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Christmas Parties Begin

We are still two weeks away from Christmas but the craziness has BEGUN!!! Not only is the present buying madness in full swing but the multiple Christmas parties have arrived as well... This weekend we were able to participate in 3 different parties.

One was a work party at our community center clubhouse, another was a white elephant friend party, and the last was our ward party. It was a crazy weekend but a ton of fun!! It is a great time of year and especially enjoying it with friends and family.

The Ward Party was fun. There was a station where all the little kids could make crafts. Logan is getting ready to make some above and Connor is proudly showing off his reindeer craft he made.

Here is our work party at our clubhouse. It was a great setting. We had room to enjoy conversation, plenty to eat, and even pool tables, ping pong table, and foosball table. It was a good time except for the fact that I had to host and give a speech at the end :)

Lastly, at the Ward party the kids got a chance to sit on Santa's lap. They all rattled off their list and got a candy cane from him. It was a great time for all.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a blast for Thanksgiving weekend this past week! We decided to stay in San Diego this year and enjoy a Thanksgiving with just us and some friends. It ended up being so much fun. So since we were technically orphans all weekend it was nice to have friends there to help make it fun. On Thanksgiving Day, The Mendenhalls, good friends of ours, took us in along with some other friends and we enjoyed dinner over there. We watched a little football, the kids all played and had a blast with their friends, and we were able to have some adult conversations. It was nice. They had the little kids all set up in another room with a coloring page and crayons at their place setting on the table. I felt like we were at an official restaurant...

The next day we went to Highland Ranch park with some friends, the Reese's and Mendenhall families. We had a little picnic lunch and were able to play croquet and latter golf. I think that was the first time Brayden ever played croquet and he didn't do too bad. Our kids also enjoyed the playground of coarse and it was a blast to just hang out again with friends.

Finally on Saturday after cleaning up the house, putting up the Christmas tree and lights, we were invited to go for a hike with the Fisher's, our friends. They took us to a really cool hike on the cliffs at Torrey Pines. We had been to this beach several times as a family and it has been a spot I have frequently surfed at, but we had never seen the hiking trails up on top of the mountain before. So we hiked a little loop that was about a mile overlooking the ocean and high up on the trail. The kids all did surprisingly well and it was a blast. Thanks for the new adventure Fisher family!

It was a busy but fun weekend!!