Monday, September 29, 2008

Complete Family Support

Recently we have been trying to get Brayden excited to get potty trained. We thought that if we showed him how cool these underpants were that he would want to put them on. What we didn't realize was that Brayden got so excited that he put them on the wrong end.... So we decided to join him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How it all began.......

I had just returned from my mission in Montana Billings and was invited to a get together at the "Curtis Home". This was a well known place where friends would go and hang out and this particular night across the circle sat my angel. I was really interested in the conversation but I have to admit, I was much more taken with that blonde haired beauty who sat across the way. After our discussion, I decided to go and introduce myself to her and eventually ask her out. Now anyone who knows returning missionaries knows that they can be incredibly dorky, in a good spiritual, girls are bad, kind of way. So I was nervous but on that first date it was as if I had known her before. Everything just clicked. It sounds like I should be saying, "And the rest was history..", I don't think so. That next week I had to go up to Utah for school. So for the next year Camille and I would talk randomly over the phone and everytime I came down to Arizona we would hang out.

After my first year at Utah Valley State College, and dating my share of "not Camille's", I came down to my parents for the summer. And of coarse, I hung out with Camille. But this time it really clicked and after dating others I knew exactly what I wanted and that she was the one. Unfortunately, Camille did not know quite yet. So I did the ultimate step into the dark by deciding to stay down in Arizona and going after this blonde beauty. After a lengthy and impatient 2 months having to sell her on me, we were engaged and got married on February 17, 2005. Now, September 26, 2008, we have 2 beautiful boys, Brayden and Logan, live in Maricopa and are happier than ever.

I wanted to make sure and clear up this story since many in the family are under the impression we only knew each other 3 weeks.