Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dylan @ 4 Months

Logan's Sling -- er -- Plastic Wrap

Logan came up with this creation all on his own. After seeing how much fun Mom was having carrying Dylan in the sling Logan decided to make his own. He instantly went to work and came up with this gem below. Of coarse instead of Dylan he decided to carry around the diapers that needed to be disposed of in the trash in the garage.

Not sure what the one-eyed pirate look is about, but I'm pretty sure he is feeling the effects of a dirty diaper under his nose :)

Valentine's Activities

We had fun this year during Valentine's week. First was our Ward family dance which was a blast. Then on Valentine's day we had prepared for each child to get there own plastic heart shaped bowl with all sorts of goodies. We also had a heart attack from some young women in the Ward. My kids loved seeing all of the hearts in the yard. Such a sweet idea from the activity day girls.