Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stevens Summer Bed and Breakfast 2013

Ever since we have moved over to San Diego when summer comes we are flooded with family and friends who come to visit and enjoy the beach, weather, paradise, and of course our family.  That is not in any particular order of importance of course :)

So we have officially named this summer event the "Stevens Bed and Breakfast".  Sometimes we don't have beds for all the people that are here so we have to use the couch, or the floor, or the garage, etc.  They sleep, we eat, and we enjoy each other.

This summer we were able to have Mama Zelle and Papa Jon by themselves, Grandma and Granddad, Ammon and Nikaela's family, Brent and Kathryn's family, Jenelle, Slade, the whole Curtis family, Mike and Michelle, Ryker and Amanda, Ryan and Marci's family, and the Crosby family.

Overall, it has been a BLAST!!  We love spending time with family and friends.  And when everyone comes to visit us we don't have to travel anywhere to see everyone.  We went to the beach a TON, boogie boarding, tide pools, community center, fire pit, parks, circus, rode bikes / scooters, basketball, baseball, frisbee, board games, ate good food, and just enjoyed each others company.