Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brayden Starts Flag Football

The time came for us to decide what sport Brayden was going to play next and so we asked him. Without hesitation he said football. We had recently attended a Rancho Bernardo High School football game and he really enjoyed it so I think that sparked the interest. So we signed him up. In his age range the only football they have here is flag football. So for the past several weeks Brayden has been practicing and playing games and has loved every minute of it. We signed up not knowing anyone on his team and it has turned out to be an awesome experience for Brayden. He has an awesome coach that I can tell has coached many times before. I decided to help coach to support Brayden so I am an assistant coach with him. I have loved being there with him during each practice and watching him develop in this sport. It is fun to see this little guy toughen up a bit :)
If you know Brayden you will know that he is quite the thinker. So during baseball season when throwing the ball to first was the most critical thinking he participated in it was obvious why it became mundane to him. But with football you have to know your position and think about what you will do, you have to think about what the play is and what direction you will run, block, and go. So it has been perfect for him. In fact after the first practice when the coach showed the team some plays that they would be running Brayden came home and drew up some plays of his own :). And at the next practice he presented them to the coach fully anticipating that they would use them for the game. Not only did he give a copy to the coach but then he got our whole family out in the backyard and wanted us to run these plays. He set each of us up in position and told us what to do and then we ran these plays to the best of our ability. They have played 4 games now and they have shut out every team they have played. He has a lot of talented kids on his team and it has been fun to watch then actually play football. I think the scores have been 30-0, 28-0, 30-0, and 22-0. I think the highlight for me was a few games ago when Brayden got to be the quarterback for the game. He did so well handing off to the running backs and throwing some passes. He even threw his first touchdown pass!! It was one of the proudest moments for me as a father!! So glad we are doing this right now.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Play Date's

Brayden, Logan and Connor have had a lot of play date's lately with their friends from school and the Ward. It is so fun to have their friends come over and to see what creative things they come up with to do. Both Brayden and Logan get so excited when they are going to have a play date with a friend. So the other day Gene Fuhriman came over and we caught him and Brayden rocking out. These two both love music so it was inevitable that they would start creating their own. Check out the pictures of them jamming out. I love the ukulele and the congo drum. That's my kind of music! I have a feeling they are going to create some sort of hawaiian band :)

80's Bash

A few weekends ago we celebrated a friends 30th birthday 80's style. It was so much fun to see all of the radical 80's clothing that was coming through the door. Everything from the decorations, the candy, and the music was ALL 80's. We also played Twister and got an 80's Mix Tape to enjoy for the ride home. It was fun to step back to the 80's with some good friends.

Thora Williams

I want to share a special experience I had recently with a woman I home teach. My hope is that our children will read of stories like this and it will help build their faith. This past Sunday my companion Mark Edmonson and I went to visit Thora Williams, a woman in an assisted living home. I always have loved visiting with her because of her sweet personality, her stories, and the faith that she has. This visit was no different except for at the very end of the conversation. We began reflecting on her husband and the fact that he had passed 17 years earlier and how she wanted to join him again on the other side of the veil. There was a peace that filled the room as we talked about that reunion and I felt as if his presence was in the room. At the end of our visit she asked that I say a prayer. During the prayer I had a very distinct impression to talk about her husband and ask Heavenly Father if he would watch over Thora and grant her hope that one day she would be with her husband again. Again there was a peace that came into the room. Two days after we visited her I found out that she passed away. I felt so happy for Thora that she was finally going to be able to be reunited with her husband after so many years and felt grateful that I was able to see her so close to this happening. She was such a joy to be around. I will miss her. But I received confirmation again at the reality that families are eternal. Heavenly Father allowed Mark and I to witness His peaceful assurance that all was in His hands. How grateful I am for opportunities like this that build our faith. Thora, God be with you til we meet again. -Justin