Monday, July 6, 2009

The Cali Fix

As soon as the 100's hit in AZ, it was time to head to Cali for our fix. We have been able to go to Cali twice in the past 3 weeks and have loved it over there. The first trip I went over to L.A. on business and then Camille brought the kids and her sister Lynette for the weekend. We went stayed in Long Beach and went to the beach there. Brayden and Logan absolutely loved it! They enjoyed running away from waves, chasing seagulls, and digging in the dirt for hours. I think that is Logan's calling in life...he is a dirt digger. Whatever construction crew is hiring in 15 years, he will be ready! Brayden actually became a lot braver and went in the waves with me. Camille and Lynette did there best to lay out, enjoy the sun, and have some serious girl talk time. Whatever that means.... The weekend was short but we got a whole day on the beach and it was well worth it.

The next trip was over 4th of July weekend. My Mom and Dad rode in our car on the way over, which was quite an experience in itself. My Mom and Camille were constantly busy handling the snacks, working the DVD player, and doing whatever else possible to keep the boys happy and most importantly quiet. I had a great time talking with my Dad up front. Then Jonny and Blake his friend joined us later. We were able to spend two full days on the beach and at the end went straight into the hotel jacuzzi, which was simply amazing and much needed. It was amazing how after each time soaking in the tub Logan still had a bunch of sand in his ear. The hotel was so awesome! We had amazing continental breakfast's everyday: French Toast, Pancakes, and Biscuits and Gravy. They also had a half court basketball court that Jonny and I got some use out of. We were able to enjoy fireworks of Legoland from a far. We watched them from the side of a road overlooking Legoland in our beach chairs. At the beach there was a lot of Frisbee, Boogie Boardin, Body Surfin, Sand Crab catchin, Horse Shoes, Sand castles, eating snacks by the truck loads, and most importantly relaxing in 75 degree weather. That is the best part about the beach, is that it is a perfect family vacation with activities for all ages. My Mom and Dad had the relaxing down, Camille and I had all of the above, and Brayden and Logan enjoyed digging in the sand, making sand castles, and digging for sand crabs. Overall it was a blast and was the fix we needed.