Monday, February 21, 2011

Lynette and Jeff Tie the Knot

Lake Oswego, Oregon was the sight of the first part of this wedding. Camille and I, with the some other members of the Curtis clan, headed up there to be a part of Lynette and Jeff's wedding at the Portland Temple. It ended up being such an amazing trip where we were able to stay a couple days and sight see some. Lake Oswego is on the outskirts of Portland and is like a lush rainforest, which is certainly a habitat I prefer. It was a nice break from the brown desert landscape at home we have grown so accustomed to. The morning of the wedding we helped Lynette get ready and all primped, then we witnessed a spiritual feast at the sealing. I've got a video below of Lynette and Jeff coming out of the temple. Congrats you two!! After visiting Mount Loma falls and walking around downtown Portland, it was time to go home. The second portion of the wedding took place back home in Arizona. We enjoyed a reception for Lynette and Jeff. The third portion was a private hang out after their honeymoon in San Diego, our new hometown. I feel like they just wanted to keep extended out this wedding. And so they should live it up as long as possible. We were able to go to the beach with them and then hang out with them the next day as well. It was fun to see the excitement of this new marraige. It reminded me of how giddy it is when we are all first married. Not they we aren't later in our marraiges as well. See I covered myself babe. Anyway, congrats to Lynette and Jeff Martin. Pictures and movie of the events are below. ENJOY!!