Saturday, January 16, 2010

Logan Workin It

I couldn't fit the two videos on the same post. Without any further adieu.....Here's Logan!!

Camille's 25th

Although you do not see Camille in many of these photos or videos it is because she is the one behind the camera most of the time. That is Camille- unselfish. She is the greatest mother to our children, the best spouse to me, and helps us all to want to be better than we are. A few weeks ago we celebrated her 25th birthday and of coarse the day was all about her. We woke her up with breakfast in bed. The boys did such a good job of whispering and being so sneaky in the kitchen so we didn't wake her up. One of the things on her list was eating at Chipotle for lunch. I definitely did not complain about that so I made sure that got done. Later we met up with Kathryn and Brent and enjoyed a romantic Olive Garden dinner overlooking Phoenix city lights. It was a great day for her, I think...... We love you Camille!!

Brayden Workin It

I tried to put these two videos on here but they wouldn't fit. Our boys love to dance and I thought it would be good to have a record of it. Brayden is spastic and Logan is slow and robotic!

Our White Christmas

I can't think of a better picture to start this post off with. Here is Logan in the back of our rental car on the way to sledding. He has so many layers on we could hardly put the seatbelt on him and as a result he cannot move. What a good sport! He looks like the marshmellow man.

This year we visited my brother Ryan and his family in Appleton, Wisconsin. We went from 75 degree Arizona to 15 degree Wisconsin. It was so much fun! We were expecting to get a few snow storms but instead we got ice storms. We were able to do some sledding, making snowman (out of icy snow), play basketball, and have lots of fun in their big basement. We love spending time with them and so everyday was filled with activities. Brayden and Logan loved playing with their cousins Allison, Tate, and Chad. It was so much fun to have a white Christmas this year. It definitely felt more like Christmas in the snow.

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving is so nice! A few days off from work, a lot of food, ping pong tournament, football, dancing, and more food. You can't go wrong. This year did not disappoint! We had lots of fun with the Curtis' and the Stevens families. With the Curtis' we met at a park in the morning and ate breakfast, then played a competitive game of ultimate frisbee. Of coarse my team won but who is keeping score. We were all winners. Then we headed to the Stevens for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner followed by the Famous Stevens Ping Pong Tournament. You will know why I use all caps to describe it by the photos you see. This is no joke, very serious and you better bring your "A" game or you will be knocked out quickly. To end the evening we went to the Curtis' family dance. It was a great Thanksgiving.

As you can see this is serious business, with brackets, rules, and prizes.

For some reason it always ends up with Johnny and me in the championship. Sadly this year he got lucky and won. I wish I had an excuse but I don't.

Brayden's Super Hero Birthday

Brayden decided he wanted to have a superhero birthday party. So not only did we have a cake with superhero's but we had each kid make his own cape and had superhero training. This training consisted of push-ups, running and jumping into the sand, and an obstacle course where they got to punch a bad guy, i.e. Me. We had lots of kids from our ward and family. It was a blast. Brayden had such a fun time and felt so loved from all who came. Here is the cake with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Here is Brayden knocking the "bad guy" down. His name was Evil Fro Man, and evil he was.

Here are the kids wearing their cape's and flexing the muscles.

Here we are crossing the street with a big rope, the superhero chain gang.

Here is Brayden and friends opening presents. He got hooked up with lots of cool presents.