Monday, March 25, 2013

Logan the Teacher

Recently every Sunday afternoon Logan gets out a bunch of materials that he needs and starts teaching someone a lesson.  These items may include the book of mormon, preach my gospel, papers and pencils, magazines, newspapers, and even a few games.  One week it was just a lesson to Connor.  He had Connor come and sit in front of him and he taught him about Jesus getting baptized.  Just this last Sunday Logan prepared a special lesson about Easter Sunday that he wanted to share with the whole family.  So he had us all come in and sit on the couch. He started asking us why Easter was so special.  In the beginning he was talking about the Resurrection and what Easter is really about and then the lesson turned.  All of the sudden Logan starts bringing out all of these newspaper advertisements about Easter candy and baskets, toys, etc.  He ended up telling us that he would open his Easter store just this week and that there would be major sales on all Easter candy and toys.  At the conclusion of the lesson he stated, "Easter is such a wonderful holiday because Jesus was resurrected and we get to have candy."  From a child's perspective I would say that is pretty accurate.

We have really enjoyed this phase in Logan's growing up years.  He is so creative, so imaginative, and always gets fully into his character.  It is fun to be around him and see what he is going to do next.  We love you Logan!!  You make life so much fun!!

Brayden's Basketball Ends

Brayden just finished his first year of organized basketball.  He absolutely loved it and still loves to play with me in the driveway as much as possible.  He did really well despite being the smallest kid on the team.  We have grown accustomed to the fact that Brayden is the smallest kid his age right now but because of that it pushes him to work even harder and polish his skills to make an impact for the team.

We were proud of him this basketball season and look forward to watching him for many years to come.  This picture below is in Brayden's purest form as he receives his trophy after the final game :)  I love the expression on the face of the kid next to him!!  Obviously not as excited as Brayden.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trip to AZ

We decided to take a trip over to AZ to go to my cousin Michael's wedding.  Michael was a cousin that we wrote for a lot of his mission and my boys felt a connection to him.  So it was fun for them to realize that we were going over to AZ to see Michael after his mission and getting married.

We only went for a short trip but had a blast!!  We enjoyed spending quality time with family.  We stayed at the Curtis' home and had fun playing with the dog, shooting off toy rockets, throwing the frisbee, playing on the trampoline, and play house in the back.  The kids even got to sleep in a tee-pee for the weekend.  Aunt Jene had made a tee-pee for the boys to sleep in that was awesome!  Another important thing that was done at the Curtis home was the bench that Camille and Jene made for our front room.  They pulled apart a pallet to make a rustic bench that turned out really cool.

The wedding was amazing and it was a lot of fun for the boys to see Michael, his new bride, and all of the Stevens extended family.  We even got to see the new Gilbert temple in construction which was exciting!  On the way home we had a much needed rest in Yuma and let the kids play in the Burger King playground.

Street Luge Fun

One Saturday while Grandma and Granddad were here we were out riding bikes, scooters, and playing ball in the street as we often do on Saturday.  All of the sudden we see Logan coming down the street riding on his stomach on my long board.  It seemed like a lot of fun and so Brayden and Connor joined in the fun.  Pretty soon we had some serious street luge practicing going on!!  They got so good that they could steer the long board up into the driveway.  Pretty cool!

BYU Basketball in San Diego

The last couple of years when BYU comes down to play University of San Diego in basketball we try to make sure we get to the game.  This year we were able to sit right behind the BYU bench just like last year which was a lot of fun for the kids.  We were able to go with some friends and Granddad was in town so he was along for the ride as well.  We had a lot of fun even though BYU couldn't pull out a win.  

Play Date with Dylan

Dylan is now a year and a half old and a ton of FUN!!  I recently had a chance to go on a play date with just him and me and it was a blast.  All we needed was a ball, a playground, wood chunks, swings, and a rocking horse.

Work Snowboard Trip

Since I was 13 I have always tried to get at least 1 snowboarding trip in each year.  I wasn't sure if this year I would be able to make it happen until my boss asked all of us how we wanted to celebrate the success we had in 2012.  I quickly answered..SNOWBOARD / SKI trip!!  

So we went up to Big Bear resort, stayed at a really nice 10 bedroom cabin, and enjoyed skiing and snowboarding for a couple days.  It had just snowed the weekend before so the snow was packed powder, which for those who don't know is perfect.

The only thing that was missing was my wonderful wife who loves to snowboard with me.  Here are some pics to commemorate the experience...