Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brayden's 1st Lost Tooth

For a while now Brayden has shown us how loose his bottom two teeth have been and we have wondered when they are going to come out. Well IT HAPPENED!! Last night Logan and him were doing some wrestling, a very common activity in our home, and one of the teeth fell out. For a while we couldn't find it and then we heard Brayden shouting "I found it!" He was shocked because it seemed so much smaller than he thought it should be.

Brayden had to tell someone, so we called Grandma and Grandad on Facetime using our Iphone's so they could see the missing tooth. Pretty fun!

So we explained how this tiny tooth will be replaced by a bigger tooth and that means that he is growing up and getting older. He wasn't sure how that would work and followed with several questions. One of which was, "What if only a few big teeth grow in and I still have all my other small ones, won't that look funny?" I thought that was a very thoughtful question and simply said, "yes it would, but they will continue to fall out and it takes time for the big ones to grow in."

Logan was very intrigued by this whole topic as he is ALWAYS trying to find ways that he can grow up faster. So after about 5 minutes Logan came over and started telling us that he had a tooth that was loose and he wanted to go wrestle so it could come out :)

So the stage was set for the tooth fairy to make her entrance last night and slip in a prize under Brayden's pillow. Well, unfortunately Mom and Dad totally spaced it and forgot to get the tooth fairy to put something under his pillow. So first thing in the morning Brayden came in shocked and wondering how the tooth fairy missed this tooth. So we went through some scenarios. Maybe it was too late when you went to bed and the tooth fairy couldn't make it. Maybe she was so busy and only came by our house when you were awake and she had to keep moving.

To all you professional tooth fairy parents...take it easy on us, we are rookie's at this. This is our first tooth that has come out and we are certainly due for a mistake or two, right? :)

So I told Brayden I was certain the tooth fairy would do it tonight if he put the tooth under his pillow. We shall see...

Easter Activities

cEaster started a week early when Brayden's school class did a easter egg hunt at Highland Ranch Park. There were thousands of eggs scattered all across the grass and it only took about 3-4 minutes for the kids to race around and get them picked up. It was a blast. They also had a section for siblings so Connor and Logan got to enjoy an Easter egg hunt as well.

Then Easter morning came. We had the kids hunt for their baskets first because they were hidden. Then after they enjoyed their baskets for a little while we had them sit and watch the cartoon version of "He is Risen", a video about the Savior's resurrection. My family was in town and came to our church because they wanted to behold the singing of our bishopric performing our special musical number "There is a green hill far away". It turned out pretty good. I think many in the congregation were surprised :)

After church we raced to Carlsbad and had another easter egg hunt which was a lot of fun. After a wonderful dinner we had a special FHE about Christ. This was a great way to end this special day. The spirit radiated through the room and I was filled with gratitude that we have days specifically set aside to remember the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So grateful to spend Easter with family that we love and celebrate the true meaning of this special day.

My New Love

Ever since moving to San Diego I have fallen in love with surfing. When we lived in Arizona I would come over each summer and attempt to surf for a few days and then return home feeling like I had not progressed at all since last year.

So when we moved here I was determined to learn how to surf a little better. And that was my initial goal. But everytime I have gone out I have truly grown to love this activity. So after Camille bought her camera this past year it was my turn to buy a new surfboard.

And over spring break in Carlsbad my brother and I were able to go every day.

I just feel so grateful that I live close enough to surf often. I've got to take advantage of it. What a blast it has been!!

Spring Break in Carlsbad

We had a BLAST the week of spring break hanging out with my brother Ryan and Marci and their kids. This is our favorite beach spot that we have gone for years with our family. This year was no different. We hung out at the beach most of the days, took the occasional stroll to Cessy's for some lunch, and enjoyed a relaxing week. It was nice to be off of work and hanging out at the beach. To many people outside San Diego it might seem that just living so close to the beach is enough but it is not for me. I drive by the beach all of the time for work but never get to enjoy sitting in a beach chair and relaxing.

So this trip was so much fun. Our kids had constant entertainment with their cousins finding seashells, building sandcastles, playing baseball, frisbee, etc.

Good time had by all...