Friday, March 25, 2011

St. Patty's Parade

Camille looked up on a website a hundred free things to do in San Diego and one of the first things on the list was a free St. Patrick's Day parade in Balboa Park. So we headed over and watched the parade and then enjoyed some of the festivities afterward. Brayden loved the different men in kilts that would come by playing bagpipes. Logan loved all the firetrucks and policeman. And Connor loved sitting back in his stroller and grubbing on all the snacks that we had brought. Everyone was satisfied. A lot of fun. I put a video for Logan's sake in here. He was begging me to do it and I gave in.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Connor's 1st Birthday

So a week after we arrived in San Diego it was Connor's birthday and the day came so quick upon us that we had to figure out a fun activity fast. A saying we have quickly come to love is, "when in doubt, head to the beach." So we made and brought dinner, cake, and presents and had a birthday picnic on the beach. It was a blast. I can't think of anything that Connor would have loved more than getting extremely dirty, eating sand, eating food with sand on it, and playing with balls. And he got to do all of that and more.

Maricopa to San Diego

The semi-truck pulls up and we hear a knock on the door. As we open the door a burly man and a crew of guys say, "We're here to pack you up." And suddenly it all became reality. We were really going to be moving from our Maricopa home that we had lived for 5 years to San Diego. And quickly (within 2-3 hours) as our house was quickly being dismantled, it all hit. Within 2 days our house was completely empty and we were cleaning the little scraps and walking out of our home that we had shared as a family for many years. This was the place that all of our children had grown and we had become a family. It was a strange bitter sweet feeling.

Although moving to San Diego never sounds painful and I will assure you it isn't, in some ways leaving our home in Arizona was tough. We left the place that both of us grew up, our families, and so many friends that we had made along the way. We will miss the desert sunsets, the free family babysitting, the cheaper home prices (not that we ever took advantage of that) and knowing many familiar faces that we loved and cherished so much. So here we go to start a new life in San Diego.

I got a new position within Ecolab so that is the reason for the move. They moved us into corporate housing, which is a 3 bedroom apartment in La Jolla, until we find a house to live permanently. We have been here a little over a week and already we have been the beach many times, met our new Ward which is awesome, and loved the beauty of this place. We also live really close to the temple, which is beautiful, and one night we were eating dinner we looked out the window and saw the temple out the windown. So fun!! That picture and others below are of our early excursions here. Some of these include walking on the beach, the Mormon Battalian, and visiting the seals in La Jolla.