Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Months Later.....

Finally I have decided to update the blog. Between work, school, family, church, and some slivers of relaxation, I have had no motivation to post anything new. It is only fitting that the last blog I wrote was the birth of Connor, the addition of a third child to our lives. This was the precise time that our lives became crazier than they ever had been before. So I will share some updates from the past 6 months.


- Brayden Started Kindergarten and loves it
- Logan turned 3
- Justin Graduated College finally!
- Camille has been busy being a Mom, no surprise there
- We took a few trips: 1) to Carlsbad for a week on the beach. 2) Camping at Bear Canyon Lake
- We have swam a lot this summer
- Brayden played T-Ball this summer
- Justin started a softball league

Other than that here are a few pictures from a recent flood on our street, of Connor getting older, and our recent camping trip.