Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh Sweet Cali

At least a few times a year our family has to get to the beach. We love getting out of the heat and getting our beach fix. Just recently we went to one of our favorite California beaches, Newport. It was Logan's first time, so he kept feeling the sand on his hands and feet and getting really excited, but more importantly, he had to taste it for the first time. Brayden loved making pictures in the sand and making muddy sand castles. Our kids loved playing and we loved soaking up the sun.

Disneyland in October

Last weekend, our family took a much needed trip to Disneyland. Since we have season passes this year we have been trying to get here as much as possible. In October there are a lot of fun things they do at Disneyland, including this huge mickey mouse head pumpkin. Camille and the boys sleep on the drive over, have fun all day, then sleep on most of the trip back. It is quite an experience for them. While Dad, spits mouthfuls and mouthfuls of sunflower seeds and drinks caffeine to make it through the drive. We had a blast together as a family and made it all home in one piece.