Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fire Truck

Recently our community had an activity day with a bunch of activities for the kids and free hot dogs and chips. I personally do not remember any other reason we were there but for the free hot dogs. Brayden and Logan had playing on the blow up jungle gym and slide and then they caught view of the "Fire Truck!" Once they saw the fire truck had pulled up it was over. Logan started running with his tiny legs as fast as he could to go and see it. Brayden loved sitting inside and asked me what every little item inside the truck was.....literally every item, no joke. More than the fire truck itself, Logan loved the fireman. One of the fireman was holding Logan and he would not stop kissing him, which is weird for more than one reason. But Logan usually is particular on who he will allow his lips to kiss, so it was so funny, because he would not stop kissing this fireman. I had to pull him off him at the end so that we could go. Overall, this was a great day and fun time together.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Weekend

Of coarse this year we had to have our variety of Easter egg hunts. In total our kids had 3 this year and each one was harder to control the candy and chocolate intake. One of the biggest hunts we had was at Brent and Kathryn's house. There were about 6,000 easter eggs all throughout their backyard. It was a lot of fun.
We also celebrated the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and wanted to share this clip from Elder Holland about our Savior. More important than all the eggs and fun, we wanted to make sure our kids understood the Savior's role in our lives.

Brayden's Preschool Field Trip

Brayden is in his first semester of preschool and has been loving it. He has learned every letter of the alphabet, how to sound it out, what words start with that letter, and even some Spanish along the way. The other day when I came home from work he said, "Daddy, do you know what green in Spanish is?" I was surprised by that, especially when he was able to answer, "Verde!" He even pronunciated it correctly. I hope I spelled that correctly... So one of the activities that his preschool did was go on a field trip to a petting zoo out in where we live. So Camille took Brayden and Logan and they had a blast.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Snowboarding Trip

I surprised Camille with a snowboarding trip for our Anniversary. It was going to be so romantic, just the two of us up in the mountains, cuddling by a fire.....And then I told her that we were going with a Boy Scout group. So the romantic balloon that had been getting bigger and bigger was popped. So we left the kids with Kathryn and took off to Sunrise Resort. What made the trip even less romantic is that Camille and I actually stayed in separate cabins because they wanted to ensure that the boys and girls were separated. On a more positive note, we had a blast and were able to snowboard for 2 full days, sleep in condos for 2 nights and food was included for a cheap price. This was the second time we have gone together and Camille is getting really good. Here is a picture of her carving it up down the slopes. Also I added a picture of me launching of a lip on the top of a black diamond. What a fun time!!