Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dylan Turns 1

On October 12th our Dylan boy turned 1 years old!! It is crazy to think that an entire year has already passed in this little boys life. Even though craziness is constant in a home of 4 boys, Dylan has been a calm and easy going boy. I am sure Heavenly Father knew that I could not handle anything more :) Dylan currently loves throwing the ball, reading books, and playing with his brothers. He loves to laugh and play hide and seek. His method for getting around the house is up on all 4's like a monkey.
The other thing that Dylan is obsessed with right now is FOOD!! I think boys in general are pretty good eaters but Dylan has a deep appreciation for anything edible. Well, anything he thinks is edible :) Sometimes that consists of grass, dirt, erasers, paper, etc. This is our first child where literally anything he can shove in his mouth he will do it. Whenever he catches even the slightest glimpse of food he will start sqwacking in a bird like chirp until the food has found it's way into his mouth. We have to stop him when we feel he is done eating because he will never stop himself. All in all, we feel so blessed to have this sweet boy and are grateful he came into our family a little over a year ago. WE LOVE YOU DYLAN!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Miramar Air Show

Every year about 15 minutes from our house there is an awesome event called the Miramar Air Show. The only other time we have gone was when we were visiting from AZ a few years ago. Since we have lived here we have never experienced it. So we decided to go this time and we were glad we did. Our kids had a blast watching all of the different planes in the sky doing tricks, the planes / helicopters on the ground and the activities they had for them to do.
Here are some more pictures from the experience.

RB High Football Game

A few weekends ago we had a family date night. We went out to dinner at a Thai place close by our house and then to the Rancho Bernardo Bronco football game. It was a lot of fun to hang out as a family. The Broncos played really well and scored 3 touchdowns in the time that we were there. Brayden especially was into it since he is playing football right now. He enjoyed watching the plays they were running and how good they were.

Ward Campout

We had a Ward Campout in mid-September at Dos Picos campground that was a lot of fun. It was fun to be with all of our Ward friends. We got to roast marshmellows, had a night program with funny skits, went on a hike and got to go fishing. My boys right now are OBSESSED with fishing. So just that one activity helped make the whole experience well worth it. For some reason the fishing experience was the only picture I took from the whole trip as well. It was a lot of fun!!
Pretty funny picture!! From left to right: Brayden, who is holding an actual fishing pole, Logan, who is holding one that he personally made, and Caden Fisher, also with a pole that he constructed.

Surfing with Bowdge

My good friend Bryan White aka Bowdge was over a few months back visiting a Dental conference for the weekend in San Diego so we hung out. He lives in Washington D.C. so I rarely get to see him and it was fun to hang out. What better activity to catch up and bond than some good surfing. We had a lot of fun!