Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at the Beach

The day after Christmas our family went with the Stevens crew over to Calsbad in California to spend a week at the beach. Even though it was December, we were lucky to have all of the days with beautiful weather. We were able to get to the beach every day. There was plenty of time for frisbee, baseball, football, 3-fly's up in the waves, and body-surfin. My brother Ryan and I tried to surf but the waves were flat all week. We had full body wet suits of coarse:) The beach is such a nice vacation and we really enjoyed ourselves. Brayden had fun building sand castles and of coarse making his latest birthday cake out of sand, which included ingredients such as, french fries, syrup, hot cocoa, and gum, to just name a few. Everytime I turned around Logan was eating sand and what made it better is that with his constant running nose, he always had snot/sand clumps under his nose. Camille and I were able to really enjoy the sun, play smash ball and frisbee together, and go shopping for her b-day. Overall it was an awesome trip!

Family Christmas Parties

I probably should have just added this to the other Christmas party but there is just so much to write. Of coarse, we had the famous nativity experience at each family event this year. Brayden was able to be a king in both of those and had so much fun. At the Stevens Christmas party we always have a talent show and Brayden did the whole song of "The Frosty Way" and knew all the words and dance moves by himself. I was so impressed. And of coarse he had to put on the shades to perform. He is such a pre-madonna. It was so fun to be with family and friends during Christmas. Since both families live in the same state as we do we are blessed to be able to only drive a little ways to see everyone. Merry Christmas to all!!

White Elephant Party w/ Friends

This has become a favorite tradition for me and Camille throughout the years. My friends and wives or significant others get together and have a white elephant gift exchange. It is a great time to catch up and get some interesting gifts. This year the most interesting was Bryan Barney's wrapped up hamburger that he had gotten from Sonic earlier. This year it was at Jenna and Kevin Lee's, who did an incredible job at the smorgasbord. We even had a chocolate fondue fountain flowing. You can't beat that. It was great to catch up with everyone and see some newcomers that we had. I added pictures here of the wives, the friends, and the presents for some reason.