Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney Cruise - DAY 3

I know that each of these posts are lengthy with tons of pictures but at the end of the day this blog is a family record that we print out every year and I want to make sure that we captured every moment of this amazing vacation.  So Day 3 we woke up and could see land, which happened to be Nassau, Bahamas.

After exiting the ship the first thing we did was walk over into the Bahamas and get on another ship.  This ship was much smaller and was a snorkeling boat.  We all gone on the boat and headed out for about 20 minutes to a reef in the middle of the ocean so we could snorkel.  We were all amazed by how green and clear the water was.  While snorkeling we were able to see tons of colorful fish and the guys from the boat threw a bunch of fish food in the ocean which made them come even more.  At first Brayden and Logan were freezing in the water and a little freaked out about sticking their heads in the water with a snorkel on.  But after a little while both of them decided to give it another try and had fun.  I had told them that the water would be warm and it wasn't exactly warm even though it was warmer than the ocean we are used to.

 On the way back we had some fun experiences.  One of them had to do with Logan and I will not go into the details on this blog but if you want to ask me sometime I will tell you "off the record".  The other part that made it fun was the guys who were on the ship cranked up the music and were leading everyone in dances the whole way back.  We had a blast dancing and enjoying the scenery.

 We made it safely back to the Bahamas and quickly went onto the Disney Ship to eat some lunch and drop Logan off at the kids club.  After dropping Logan off we went back over to the Bahamas for some tourist shopping.  There is a little place called the Straw Market in the Bahamas which is very similar to a flea market.  Every 5 feet is a different person trying to pitch on their products.  The funny thing was they were all selling the same things so we just shopped for the lowest price.  I was impressed by many of their sales tactics but some were a little pushy.  I was also impressed by Brayden's bargaining skills as illustrated in the picture below.  The reason Logan is not in the picture below is because he refused to be in it.  I guess he felt we had taken enough pictures.  Especially after that Mickey sticker one :)  The other cool thing we got was an authentic painting of the Bahamas beach with a artist on the street and we had to take his picture.  That has fit nicely into our home. 

After shopping for a few hours it was time to come back aboard the Disney Dream.  We picked up Logan and got ready for PIRATE NIGHT!!  This was a really fun night.  When we got back to our room we each had pirate bandanas laid out on our beds, 4 golden chocolate coins and of coarse a funny towel monkey hanging from the ceiling with my sunglasses on. Pirate night started first with dinner. The food was wonderful and the staff was all dressed up in pirate attire.

After dinner we went and watched a quick show before the pirate party. This night it was a magic show.  It was one of our favorite shows of the week and we have still talked about some of the tricks that we saw that night.  In fact since returning our boys had magic shows every night for the first several nights.

Logan got to take a quick picture with one of his buddies that he hung out with at the kids club, Stitch.  

THEN CAME THE PIRATE PARTY, FIREWORKS, AND DANCE PARTY!!!  The pirate party started with a show featuring Jack Sparrow and his pirate crew.  After this show they had a firework show for about 10 minutes which was AWESOME!!  Then they turned the entire top deck into Club Pirate dance party.  It was fun to watch the kids get their groove on.  They even set aside some time for a quick sword fight.  We let it slide being pirate night at all :)

Another amazing day!!  We all crashed pretty hard tonight after a long fun day! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney Cruise - DAY 2

The 2nd day was a full day out at sea which meant that we spent the entire day in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.  So first thing in the morning we opened our door and spent some time out on our balcony admiring the vast ocean.  It was an amazing sight!! 

 We then went to the fully catered breakfast where the kids just pigged out on whatever food they wanted to have.  Several times during the trip Brayden and Logan both said, "so we get all the food we want and we don't have to pay for it?"  It was like their little minds couldn't even comprehend the idea. 

After breakfast the kids wanted to go straight in the pool and water slides.  Why not??


We then took Logan to a cooking class where they were teaching us how to make creme brulee.  This is Logan and Camille watching a real Executive Chef teach.  After about 10 minutes of that and he realized it was more designed for adults.  So he decided he wanted to go into the KIDS CLUB.  The kids club consisted of 2 huge areas where they had computers set up along the walls, tv's everywhere, and they constantly were playing games, doing science experiments, and getting visits from Disney characters.  Our boys sure loved going to the kids club. 

After a few hours we pulled the kids out to watch a really fun magic show.  The magicians had a lot of kids come up on stage and even showed all of us a magic trick that we could impress others with.  BTW our kids performed that magic trick every night for the first week we were back :)  They handed everyone a string as we came in and then taught us the trick during the show.

After lunch we caught the Disney show called the Golden Mickey's.  Before the show a woman was outside of the doors interview people acting like they were walking down the red carpet.  Well Brayden and his cousin Tate were among those interviewed and it played on the huge screen in the auditorium for all to see.  I had to capture the moment.  The show was AWESOME again!!

After the Golden Mickey's show we dropped our kids off at the KIDS CLUB and joined Johnny and Aliceia playing shuffleboard.  We had so much fun!!  And it wasn't just because Camille and I beat them in 3 straight games, although that was fun.  But it was a blast just enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean, playing a fun game and hanging out with our family.

After a few hours of shuffleboard it was time to get ready for dinner.  But first I had to get Brayden from the KIDS CLUB.  I had to take a picture of the area where he was playing because of how cool this place was.  I didn't realize at the time that they prohibit people from taking pictures of the kids club so this might be the only picture anyone has.  Brayden is playing some pirate ship game on a computer here.

Dinner was again amazing this 2nd night.  We dressed up a little bit more than the first night.  When we first sat down we were surrounded by all of these pictures and paintings of the Nemo characters.  Then after we had been sitting there a while the pictures started to swirl around and the pictures came to life.  It was amazing!!  Crush and the other turtles were talking and swimming all around the room through all of dinner.  The most amazing part was when crushed stopped right in front of our table and started having a conversation with us.  He was asking us questions and then commenting on our answers.  It was awesome!  He called Brayden little green shirt dude which was fitting with Brayden's green shirt that night. 

We finished the night watching the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on the HUGE screen on the top deck while swimming and eating as much pizza, ice cream, and french fries as possible.  YES we were still hungry :)

Although we don't have pictures my brothers and I finished the night playing 2 on 2 basketball on the 12 deck until about 12:30am.  It was another amazing day and EVERYONE enjoyed themselves!!