Sunday, July 31, 2011

Connor's Spaghetti Beard

Connor loves eating. He will sit in his high chair and be the first to start eating and the last to finish. He eats more than Brayden or Logan usually and competes with Camille pretty often. Tonight we had Spaghetti and boy was he loving it!! His face and spaghetti beard say it all.... Pictures below with a special inside video where Connor laughs at seeing himself with the spaghetti beard. Pretty funny.

Neighborhood BBQ

This weekend we had a neighborhood bbq. It was a lot of fun. We enjoyed spending time with our neighbors and our kids loved playing with their friends.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

La Jolla Caves Date

Since moving to San Diego it has been hard for Camille and I to get out with just the two of us. But our wonderful neighbors insisted on watching our kids and letting us go out for a night together. So Camille and I took them up on the offer. It was so nice to go out together with no kids and explore this beautiful area that we live in. We decided to go to La Jolla Caves / Cove because we had heard that it was a fun place and wanted to check it out.

We ended up having so much fun. We were able to walk above the caves on some rocks and look down on them. The view was unbelievable and it is a really neat area that we will for sure share with our out of town visitors. There were some seals just lounging on the rocks and every once in a while making loud seal noises. I don't know how else to describe the noise. Then we walked on down to the cove, which is a really cool, secluded beach area, that has clearer water and caves that you can walk in. There were a ton of people with snorkels on, swimming in the cove and just looking at the wonders under the water. One day we will come back and do that for sure because it looked like a lot of fun.

Then a critical part of the date that we had to make sure happened was eating Thai food. So we found a place right by the La Jolla coast and ate some Pad Thai. Wow was it amazing! Thai in the mouth, some calm Enya like music in the background, and the coast in our view. Can life get better...I submit that it cannot.

Overall, it was a great night out. Thank you to our neighbors for being so kind to make it happen. Date nights are good to have often. That is a reminder to me to ensure I make it happen :) Warning - there are a ton of pictures. I just couldn't decide what to take out with so much to see.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Visit from Friends

This past weekend we had the privilege of having Ryker, Amanda, Kalil, and Mason over for a quick visit on their way to Huntington Beach. It was great to hang out and enjoy the beach together.

My boys getting ready to rock the boogie boards

Brayden, Kalil, and Logan standing on my surf board fantasizing catching the big wave

Kalil and Connor putting sand all over my board. Connor as always is caked with sand all over his face.

Camille and Amanda

Ryker and the boys. My boys were so fascinated with Ryker. Well really, who isn't... It was fun to watch them hang out with Ryker.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Extravaganza

We had the opportunity of having the whole Curtis crew over at our house in San Diego over the 4th of July weekend. It was a lot of fun. We were busy going to the swap meet, doing a talent show, going to the beach, enjoying 4th of July festivities, 4th of July pancake breakfast, parade, watching fireworks, surfing / boogie boarding, swimming / jacuzzi at the community center, and enjoying time together.

Our house felt like a hotel with 22 total people sleeping here. We had people in every room and even some had the opportunity of sleeping in the garage :)

It was a great 4th of July with the Curtis Family.