Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Morning Of.....

This year Brayden reached the overly excited age where he had a tough time sleeping and came into our room at 5:30 ready to go. Logan obviously is not quite at that point because at about 7:00 we had to drag him out of bed to open presents. They had so much fun opening their stockings and new toys this year. Some of the monumental presents this year were Brayden's new bike that has a sound like a motorcycle, which he likes to show to anyone that will listen, the trampoline, Logan's curious george stuff, Brayden's magic set, their marble tower, and many more. And because I had the next week off we had some time to pull out each gift and enjoy it. Here are some pictures and a video below to capture the mood of the morning.

This picture says it all. Logan is yawning / exhausted and Brayden is happy / delirious and ready to go.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Hobby of Choice

A hobby that we have loved to do since we have been married is snowboarding. I have snowboarded for some time now but was able to teach Camille about 4 years ago. So this winter season we had to ensure that this was on the priority list. So Camille and I took off for her 26th Birthday up to Sunrise Resort. We were able to snowboard for 2 full days. It was a blast. Below is a video that I took of Camille shredding down the slopes and some fun pictures.