Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logan Finishes Soccer

This is Logan's first trophy for soccer so I wanted to capture it and post it.

Much Needed Visitors

We have been blessed to have some very helpful visitors ever since Dylan was born. Two days after he was born my parents showed up for 5 days. Then the day they left Camille's Mom and sister Kathryn showed up to help out for a week. We are so grateful for all they you did for our family during that time. Between washing dishes, cleaning up the house, laundry, cooking, etc. we could not have done it without you.


Boys Night Out

It seems that ever since Dylan came into our family that I have had many opportunities to be with the other boys. Last Friday was no exception. I decided to take Brayden and Logan to the RB High football game. We had a blast watching them thump their opponent in the first half. Unfortunately they didn't quite finish the job in the second half. It was a great night teaching my boys about football and supporting our team.

Dylan @ 2 Weeks

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Connor's Latest

I would say Connor's latest and greatest, but it seems that each new day brings something different and unique with this little man. This is the first boy we have had that has naturally been obsessed with balls since before he could even walk. With the others I have had to lay some sport influence to even get them to play baseball, basketball, football, etc. with me. But with Connor he is the one coming to me with a ball and then getting in position to catch it, throw it, hit it, or kick. In this portion of his life I couldn't be happier. In a lot of ways he reminds me of myself.

So with that background in mind, Grandma and Granddad came into town this week and noticed his love for all that is sports. So of coarse they decided to do something about it. So last night we went to Target and got him a little tikes basketball hoop and tee. If there was ever a boy who will thoroughly enjoy those gifts it is Connor. And he did not disappoint! From the moment we set up the hoop and tee he has been making baskets and hitting home runs. He was so excited that he even had to go to sleep with the basketball last night. As much as I tried to pry it from those tiny fingers he was not going to let it go. And then when I had broken down the cardboard box and was about to throw it away, he laid on top of it with his blanket to somehow protest and pay his last respect to the box that brought him the greatest gift he has received so far in his short little life.

The next on the list for him is his love for his new brother Dylan. As you might have seen in the last post where we had a video of Connor, he absolutely can't get enough of his brother Dylan. So the other day I had not seen Connor in a while and started searching for him. I never quite know where he might be hiding so I searched all over the house and outside. The last place I would possibly check would be in our room where Dylan was taking a nap. But as I walked in I was shocked when I saw Connor up inside the bassinett sitting with the baby laying between his legs :) It was a scary image but I quickly realized he was just trying to love this new little brother. When I walked up he was trying to get the pacifier in his mouth. What a great big brother!! I don't have pictures available from this one sorry.

Oh Connor, we love you more and more each day. You are hilarious.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Introducing Dylan James

At 10:08pm on October 12th, our 4th son was born. We had decided a while ago that we liked the name Dylan and when he came out he looked the part and did not vere us from that pre-determined decision. Dylan was the biggest of the 4, weighing in at 8 lbs and 5 ounces and was 21 inches tall. We came into the hospital at noon and it went very smooth through the operation. Camille was able to get the all important epidural before the major contractions started which made for a nice comfortable labor until she was ready to deliver. Then all of the sudden she felt that the baby had dropped a lot. So we called the doctor and luckily she made it before the baby just came crawling out. By the time she got there Camille only had 4 pushes to go before he was out, a total of 7 minutes. Amazing!! That is by far the quickest push we have ever experienced. Dylan has been very chill thus far and seems to be a very content baby. THANK GOODNESS!! We do not need anymore noise in our house right now, just ask our neighbors :) He seems to have many of the same features of our other boys, namely the nose, eyebrows, etc. One distinct feature that only Connor and him have shared is dark hair.

Many people have asked me, so are you going for a basketball team? To this I have replied, "yes", and now it is complete :) With 4 boys and me as the veteran (other word for "old") member of the team, it seems that we have officially created a basketball team. We love our boys and so grateful they are a part of our lives. Today we had Brayden, Logan and Connor come to the hospital to meet their new little brother. It was so much fun to see how excited they were to enter the room and each hold him for the first time. The funniest one was Connor, who once he started holding him would not let him go. He would get mad at Logan and Brayden for even trying to touch the baby while he was holding him. He is already a very protective older brother!! Of coarse there is a video of this below that I am sure all will enjoy. We also got a visit from our friends the Mendenhall's, who brought us our favorite, pina colada with strawberries from Jamba Juice. Thank you guys, that was so timely. And it was great to have your company.

We are so glad to welcome this new addition to the Stevens family! Welcome Dylan James, we already love you so much! And a special tribute to the families watching our boys during this time. THANK YOU for your help and service!! We couldn't have done it without you.