Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easter Celebrations

Each year it is a balancing act with Easter on how much emphasis to give to the worldly traditions of the easter bunny and all that comes with that vs. the true meaning of Easter which is the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I am grateful that most of the worldly activities leading up to Easter actually occur before Sunday so that on that day for the most part we can focus on the true meaning of the day.  This year we went to our Community Center easter egg hunt which the kids enjoyed.  The easter bunny was there and we got a picture with him / her??  Not really sure on that...oh well :)  They had booths set up where the kids could decorate egg shaped cookies and do some easter art work before the egg hunt actually occurred.  Then they split the kids up into 2 different age groups and had thousands of eggs on the lawn for the kids to find.  They hid some eggs with faces on them and Logan and Brayden both found 2 of those.  Those eggs with faces were then able to be traded in for a prize of their choosing which the kids thought was awesome!!

We also had fun with some friends at a park coloring eggs and playing on the playground, baseball, and all other sports imaginable.  This was a lot of fun and we are grateful for good friends that we could spend time with on this weekend.

Then Sunday came and the kids got to search for their Easter basket that the easter bunny had hid.  This year all of the kids got a Sunday tie that they were able to wear to church, some candy, and a DVD for the family.  We had a great Easter sacrament and enjoyed time together the rest of the day talking about the resurrection of our Savior.  I am so glad that our kids have this knowledge and are able to have access to this truth of this important day.  What a blessing it is to know and be a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ that believes that He lives today and did not finish His work dying on the cross.  I am forever grateful for that truth.

Overall Easter was a success and more than anything felt a great sense of gratitude for friends, great activities, and the truth of the Resurrection.

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